Frequently Asked Questions
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Why was Cariloop founded?

What need is Cariloop addressing for employers?

How does Cariloop’s Caregiver Support Platform work?

Does Cariloop offer bi-lingual support?

How many loved ones can Cariloop assist a member with at a time?

Can a Care Coach provide support to a family on an evening or weekend?

How many family members can participate in a case?

What are the qualifications of the Care Coaches?

Are Cariloop Care Coaches contractors or employees?

What is the average response time from a Care Coach?

What are some of the most common situations a Coach can assist with?

Does Cariloop collect any revenue from care or service providers that a Coach might refer to?

Can an employee take their Cariloop membership with them if they leave?

Does Cariloop offer pricing models other than group rates?

Is there a minimum size group Cariloop can work with?

Can Cariloop integrate with our Health/Wellness platform, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), or Ben Admin solution?

Can Cariloop work in tandem with our family leave program to support our employees?

Will Cariloop work with Brokers and Consultants?

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