It’s time to set a new standard for the way we care for each other.
Taking care of people isn’t easy. There will be times when you just don’t know how to care for them. Maybe you’re an expecting parent overwhelmed with planning and preparation. Maybe your nephew is having trouble focusing in school. Maybe it’s a bad day for your spouse battling their chronic condition. Maybe your friend’s anxiety has kept them from getting out of bed in a couple days. Maybe you notice your parents being more forgetful than usual.
When worry keeps you from being present with your loved ones, you’re a caregiver.
So many caregivers are left alone, googling their way through what’s next for their loved one’s care.
That’s not okay.
It's time to infuse more care into healthcare for the caregivers who do so much to support their loved ones.
Caregivers shouldn’t be consumed by next steps and dollar signs when the care and well-being of their loved one is on the line.
They deserve a real, experienced human in their corner to help navigate the complex challenges that take them away from being present with their loved ones.
These challenges inform the vision that drives us: Creating the global standard for the way we support caregivers, families and each other.
We envision a day when care challenges no longer stand in the way of anyone’s ability to be present with their loved ones.
Let’s transform how we care for each other.