We don't take the responsibility of supporting caregivers lightly. We're so grateful to all of our customers and members who make our mission possible.

The mental health of our staff has been front and center, especially over the last couple years with the pandemic. Cariloop provides support not only with caregiving responsibilities, but also around mental health. We saw during the pandemic that staff really struggled whether it was with a child or adult in their caregiving role. Having Care Coaches who can also address mental health, backup care, special needs and family support has been invaluable.

Director of Health and Welfare Benefits

American Cancer Society

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Our focus is to holistically improve the lives of our associates, and Cariloop is an integral part of this mission. While not a traditional mental health benefit, we see how much Cariloop is supporting the mental health of our workforce. The Care Coaches are quick to check in with the individual associates and ask how they are doing personally, in addition to supporting many mental health and additional needs of our associates’ loved ones and family members. They truly support the whole person, not just the specific need or case - and that is invaluable.

Benefits Navigator Program Manager

Remember that every single one of us will experience a caregiving situation at some point in our lives. We may or may not be primary caregivers currently and may not realize that we could be faced with the situation of giving care. That is because there is no "standard" definition of how we can help others. Taking care of health situations, financial situations, emotional support or sensitive family dynamics can all add stress and anxiety to employees, making them feel overwhelmed – the great news is that Cariloop can help with it all.

Benefits Manager and Associate Vice President

Carollo Engineers

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Here at Brinker we believe life is short, work happy. We also believe all of our Team Members should have the opportunity to live their best life, and through our Wellbeing Program we want to provide the resources to make that a reality. Supporting caregivers is a critical part of our tool kit. By partnering with Cariloop we are confident that our Team Members have access to a comprehensive caregiving arsenal eliminating the feeling that they have to tackle caregiving alone. Cariloop provides them the ability to focus a little less on the stress caregiving can bring, and the freedom to focus a little more on living their best life.

Wellbeing Program Manager

Brinker International