Up to 73% of your workforce is impacted by the demands of caregiving.

The stress of caregiving responsibilities places a profound strain on employees – at home and at work.

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Cariloop Has the Solution

We believe no one should go through caregiving alone.

Cariloop is an inclusive benefit solution that is caring, complete and comprehensive. We help employees in the U.S. and Canada address and work through the complexities of caregiving. Our platform offers personalized guidance from expert Care Coaches, premier digital tools and access to an integrated care provider support network and community.

For Employers

As part of your employer-sponsored benefits package, we support the caregivers in your workforce during life’s most challenging events.

For Partners

Together, we can help you showcase an end-to-end caregiver benefits solution inclusive of a provider network that will differentiate your value to clients.

For Individuals

We help individuals manage the complexities of caregiving, no matter where they are in their care journey.

Learn how Cariloop’s simplified digital solutions support caregivers.

Cariloop’s comprehensive solution delivers powerful outcomes for employers


 for employers that utilize Cariloop’s end-to-end solutions


The total hours of productivity saved for employers.


The average hours saved in employee time per case.

A Simplified Digital Experience for Caregivers.

Our end-to-end Caregiver Support Platform® supports the diverse, multi-generational needs of individuals and families across every stage of life.

Curb the Impact Caregiving Has on Your Business

Provide a benefit for your caregiving population that shows real results for your employees and your bottom line.

Address a root cause of stress and burnout

Caregiving is a second full-time job for many in your workforce. We support employees’ well-being and help you retain top talent.

Reduce leave duration and improve return-to-work ratios

We shoulder the planning and tasks required to return to work, shortening leave time and helping employees come back.

Improve productivity and reduce absenteeism

We take work off the caregiver’s plate, owning the transactional tasks that come with caregiving so they can continue to work with focus.

Deliver on your DE&I initiatives

You can create a more inclusive workplace by supporting historically marginalized communities that data proves are much more impacted by caregiving responsibilities.

Improve the utilization of all programs and benefits

We help your employees understand and utilize all their resources, improving ROI across your entire benefits ecosystem.

Why Our Customers Love Cariloop

Our focus is to holistically improve the lives of our associates, and Cariloop is an integral part of this mission. While not a traditional mental health benefit, we see how much Cariloop is supporting the mental health of our workforce.

The Care Coaches are quick to check in with the individual associates and ask how they are doing personally, in addition to supporting many mental health and additional needs of our associates’ loved ones and family members. They truly support the whole person, not just the specific need or case—and that is invaluable.

Director of Health and Welfare Benefits
American Cancer Society

Our partnership with Cariloop has been an integral part of supporting our employees when they need it most. Every employee is going through something in their personal lives, and having Cariloop available to offer support and guidance to alleviate some of their stress helps them focus while they are at work.

I highly recommend Cariloop to an employer who is looking for a way to help employees that goes into more personalized help than other services. Adding Cariloop can set you apart from competitors when employees view your total rewards package by showing that you care about them outside of work and are passionate about reducing their stress load while at work.

Sr. Human Resource Analyst
City of Allen

Cariloop is a Certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation

When you partner with a Certified B Corporation, you invest company dollars with a partner that behaves ethically and believes business can be a force for good. You have the opportunity to join the global shift towards building a more inclusive, sustainable economy that balances profit with purpose.

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