Provide your workforce end-to-end caregiver support solutions.

Increase employee retention and productivity, while reducing unplanned leave and employee turnover.

Why Employees Need Comprehensive Caregiver Support Benefits

Each year, employers lose an estimated $44 billion in revenue due to decreased productivity and turnover related to employees’ caregiving responsibilities. The U.S. is home to over 53 million caregivers — a number that will increase exponentially in the coming years. Employers cannot afford inaction when up to 73% of their workforce are employee caregivers.

What It Means to Employees

Financially, emotionally, mentally and physically, the effects of caregiving are potent. Personal crises, medical diagnoses or life changes impact everyone in the workforce at some point, bringing with it new caregiving responsibilities. Seamlessly support your diverse, multi-generational workforce in navigating their caregiving journey through Cariloop’s comprehensive Caregiver Support Platform®, licensed Care Coaches and integrated care provider network.

How Cariloop’s Benefits Solution Supports HR Leaders

With Cariloop, employers can take pride in offering employees an inclusive benefit that pairs digitally-powered tools and human-powered support.

Enjoy the benefits of Cariloop, including:

  • Improved employee engagement and employee productivity
  • Reduced unplanned leaves and improved return-to-work ratios
  • Reduced employee stress and anxiety
  • Decreased overall spend on caregiver support and management
  • Increased attraction and retention of top talent

Cariloop supports your employees as they navigate:

  • Care of aging parents
  • Serious diagnoses and health issues
  • Mental health needs for children, teens or adults
  • Childcare disruption or challenges
  • Fertility treatment, pregnancy and postpartum needs
  • Care gaps that impact POC and LGBTQ+
  • Educational plans for K-12 and college students

How Cariloop Drives Meaningful Change Across Your Organization

Talent Acquisition and Retention

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Human Resource Team Productivity

Talent Acquisition and Retention

An inclusive and supportive workplace culture helps attract and retain talent. This benefit provides meaningful support for employees at critical times in their life and helps them navigate the challenges of caregiving rather than leave the workforce entirely. When a situation necessitates a leave of absence, this benefit helps employees return to work faster and more focused.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

The responsibilities that come with being a caregiver do not impact all equally. Data shows that gender, race, ethnicity, age and socioeconomic status can all lead to greater caregiving demands at home and create additional barriers to opportunity in the workforce. This benefit can be a lifeline for members of your workforce who need caregiving support and cannot afford to lose employment or exit the workforce. Cariloop provides a meaningful way to further DEI initiatives in your organization.

Human Resource Team Productivity

Most HR professionals already have a full plate of responsibilities and are not equipped to provide guidance on an employee’s urgent caregiving needs. We partner with your HR team and become the first line of assistance when an employee needs caregiving support. Our experienced and compassionate team gets involved in a matter of hours, freeing your HR team to stay focused where they are needed most.

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