Take care of your people in their most stressful caregiving moments. Our Care Coaches shoulder the load of caregiving tasks to help your team stress less and stay present at work and at home.
When a loved one’s well-being is on the line, it’s hard to focus on anything else.
of your employees have caregiving responsibilities
hours per week they are spending on caregiving
of caregivers say it affects their productivity
Engage your employees with meaningful support that shows you care.
Passionate, experienced Care Coaches
Full-time care professionals with diverse backgrounds (nursing, social work, education, insurance and more) to help with any caregiving challenge that arises.
licenced illustrations
licenced illustrations
A Secure Care Portal to manage the journey
One centralized place for your employees to efficiently communicate with their Care Coach, collaborate with family and securely store caregiving documents.
Support for whoever your employees consider family
Any time your employees need support with the care of any loved one, we’re here for them—no dependent or “household” eligibility requirements necessary.
licenced illustrations
No question is too small. Our diverse team of Care Coaches has your employees back in any caregiving situation. Here are some of the many caregiving topics we help with:
Alzheimer’s Disease
Assisted Living
Advanced Directives
Caregiver Well-Being
Care Management
Communication Struggles
Difficult Conversations
Doctors (locating)
Drug Costs
Estate Planning
Family Attorneys
Heart Disease
Home Health
Lawyers (locating)
Living Wills
LTC Insurance
LTC Providers
Medical Bills
Medical Insurance
Medicare Advantage
Medication Management
Memory Care
Mental Health
Nursing Homes
Parkinson’s Disease
Power of Attorney
Support Groups (locating)
Transportation Resources
VA Benefits
And more...
Just a few of the backgrounds of our experienced Care Coaches
Get your employees the support they need, fast.
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Collaborate with our Customer Experience Team
We come ready to launch to get your employees support fast.
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Build a customized engagement strategy
We’ll combine insights on how to keep caregiver support top-of-mind.
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Receive ongoing support with engagement initiatives
We craft memorable and informative experiences to fit your culture.
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Track your team’s engagement in real time
Access your Customer Portal to see how employees are using Cariloop.
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I can tell my stress level is a lot lower since registering for Cariloop and connecting with my Care Coach. Last week I had a really stressful week but knew I had caregiver duties to follow up on and my Coach had already reached out and checked in with me and even provided information I needed. It lifted the guilt I was feeling about not being able to get to some important caregiving tasks. Selena
Enhance the culture of care within your organization. Schedule a demo and we’ll walk you through what makes Cariloop such a meaningful offering for your employees.