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This is What Inclusive Caregiving Looks Like: Cariloop’s Approach to LGBTQIA+ Support

The Cariloop Team | June 3, 2024

In today’s diverse workplace, fostering inclusive caregiver support is more critical than ever. As we celebrate Pride Month, it is essential for employers to play a pivotal role in creating an environment where all employees, including those from the LGBTQIA+ community, feel truly supported and valued. Inclusivity not only enhances employee well-being and productivity but also strengthens the fabric of our workplaces, making them more innovative and resilient.

At Cariloop, we understand the profound impact that comprehensive caregiver support can have on the lives of employees and their families. We invite you to read the following story from one of our members, who gave their express permission to use it, about how we were able to support their caregiving journey.

A Mother’s Journey in Supporting Her Transgender Non-Binary Adult Child

Mary’s* adult child, who identifies as transgender non-binary, is in the process of legally changing their name. This journey has been stressful and costly, causing delays and apprehension. Two months ago, they completed the necessary paperwork but hesitated to move forward. To manage their stress, they are also seeing a therapist.

Mary is deeply committed to supporting her child but sometimes struggles with understanding how best to help, given that her child’s identity doesn’t fit the traditional binary mold. She is also seeking local and virtual support groups for both herself and her child. Mary has access to Cariloop through her employer and sought the support of a Care Coach.

During an initial conversation with Coach Beth, Mary explained her child’s apprehension about submitting the paperwork, despite filling it out three times. The next steps involve getting fingerprints, going to court and publishing the name change in a newspaper. Mary is particularly worried about the safety implications of publishing the name in a public newspaper. The process is expensive, and she is looking for financial and legal assistance.

Coach Beth reassured Mary that feeling worried is normal and that seeking support can help. She promised to help find legal and financial resources for the name change process and support groups for both Mary and her child. Coach Beth emphasized empowering them to make informed decisions and offered ongoing support.

Coach Beth praised Mary for her unconditional support and love for her child, highlighting the importance of understanding and openness. She also reassured Mary that they would navigate this process together, providing necessary resources and support.

Then Coach Beth provided detailed information about financial and legal resources, including contacts and organizations that offer mentoring, legal assistance with paperwork and financial help. She also provided options for support groups and resources tailored to the LGBTQIA+ community. These support groups proved incredibly helpful, offering both Mary and her child a sense of comfort and belonging. Connecting with others with similar experiences made them feel less isolated and more understood.

With Coach Beth’s assistance, Mary’s child overcame their apprehension and took the necessary steps to complete the name change process. They successfully got their fingerprints, attended the court hearing, and managed the newspaper publication with the legal and financial support they found. Mary excitedly informed Coach Beth that her child had officially changed their name, marking a significant milestone in their journey!

Later, Mary expressed anxiety about visiting extended family for the first time since her child came out. Coach Beth empathized and shared tips for balancing family and personal time while maintaining boundaries. These tips proved helpful, and the family embraced them with open arms.

Mary expressed heartfelt gratitude to Coach Beth, acknowledging how their support made the overwhelming process more manageable. She felt more equipped to be the supportive parent she strives to be, thanks to the guidance and resources provided.

Coach Beth’s compassionate and resourceful approach reassured the mother and her child, helping them feel less alone and more hopeful about the future. They planned to stay in touch, ensuring continuous support and guidance.

The journey of caregiving can be daunting, but with the right support and resources, it becomes more manageable and empowering. If you are looking to enhance your caregiving benefits and create a more inclusive workplace, we invite you to get in touch. Together, we can ensure that every employee has access to the support they need, regardless of their unique situation. Let’s work together to make a real difference in the lives of your employees and their families.

*Names have been changed to preserve privacy.