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Up to 83% of LGBTQIA+ Employees May Leave If They Don’t Get the Family-Building Support They Need: Is Your Organization At Risk?

The Cariloop Team | June 28, 2024

Did you know a staggering 83% of LGBTQIA+ employees would consider leaving their current employer for one that offers a family-building benefit? In addition, 76% of LGBTQIA+ employees have expressed a need for adoption and surrogacy benefits. These numbers are staggering and cannot be ignored by employers. Have you taken a look at how your benefits support ALL employees who might be starting a family?

As we wrap up Pride Month, we wanted to emphasize the need to support a diverse workforce and provide inclusive benefits. This isn’t just advantageous for the employee but benefits employers as well by increasing retention, productivity and loyalty among their employee base. Luckily, we are here to help. 

Together with our team of Care Coaches and our digital tools, we can provide personalized guidance and professional support to LGBTQIA+ employees, such as:

  • Finding/vetting affirming fertility resources, healthcare providers and legal services: We will take on the administrative work of calling and vetting affirming family-planning resources and providers for their LGBTQIA+ members, including:
    • Verifying costs and whether resources are in-network
    • Determining the provider’s availability 
    • Ensures that applicable licensing is current and in good standing
    • Making sure any specific needs or requirements of the member and their family can be met
  • Assisting with understanding and navigating financial challenges: Many LGBTQIA+ individuals are essentially barred from accessing fertility treatments or family-building care, forcing them to pay an average of $15,000 to $30,000 out of pocket per fertility cycle. Our Care Coaches can help by:
    • Providing financial support options to LGBTQIA+ members
    • Helping members navigate the financial process
    • Ensuring members understand how to fill out forms
  • Connecting employees with LGBTQIA+ organizations: Support groups can be integral to helping LGBTQIA+ individuals overcome the unique challenges they face, and our Care Coaches are here to find those by:
    • Utilizing their vast and diverse network to find affirming local or virtual support and community resources for their members
    • Finding and vetting LGBTQIA+ non-profit organizations, charities and other affirming support systems based on the member’s needs

Cariloop is well-equipped to serve the diverse needs of your workforce, and our team of dedicated and licensed Care Coaches is adept at helping their LGBTQIA+ members navigate the prevalent opposition many still face when trying to build their families. 

Reach out for more information by scheduling a demo, emailing us at info@cariloop.com, or calling us at (972) 325-5836.