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Cariloop Debuts Caregiver Support Plans to Help Families Proactively Plan Ahead Throughout Their Care Journeys

The Cariloop Team | February 6, 2024

Cariloop, a comprehensive caregiver support platform, today announced the newest feature available to working caregivers and their families –  Caregiver Support Plans. These Cariloop Care Coach-approved plans walk a caregiver through a particular need within their care journey, taking the guesswork out of caregiving and helping them understand the tasks to consider.

“As we roll out new capabilities within our enhanced digital platform, we are always keeping a keen eye on the feedback and responses we receive from our customers and members about what tools or features would be helpful in taking some of the stress of their shoulders,” said Keith Scally, Chief Product Officer at Cariloop. “What we know is that members want to plan ahead in caring for their loved ones, but oftentimes they don’t know the steps to take. They want to have a step-by-step guide that they can follow, and these Caregiver Support Plans are just that. They are a tool for walking a member through each question, consideration or decision they need to make and have in place for their loved ones.”

Within the Cariloop platform, employee caregivers and their families will have access to Caregiver Support Plans throughout the caregiving journey, such as adoption support, building a backup care network, navigating the school year, palliative care guidance, making end-of-life arrangements and more. Members can work through these guides on their own if they desire, or with the assistance of one of Cariloop’s Care Coaches.

As employees navigate throughout the Cariloop platform, utilizing digital tools or engaging with a Care Coach, the Caregiver Support Plans that correlate to their unique needs will be available to them as another tool at their fingertips that they can have in order to feel confident they are taking the necessary steps to best care for their loved ones. 

“Throughout the caregiving journey, there will always be moments that are unexpected and catch employees by surprise,” said Dr. Wendy Whittington, Chief Care Officer at Cariloop. “However, there are ways we can plan ahead and prepare members for those moments, which hopefully will lessen the panic when they do happen. These Caregiver Support Plans are just one way we are helping our members be more proactive and have more peace of mind knowing they have an expertly-crafted guide that they can follow alongside having access to a Care Coach if they need additional support.” 

Learn more about this tool and Cariloop’s enhanced caregiver support platform, visit https://cariloop.com/solutions