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Unum Care Hub will help employers provide support for top leave and disability drivers

The Cariloop Team | March 13, 2024

Unum Group (NYSE: UNM), a leading provider of financial protection benefits in the U.S., is launching Unum Care Hub, a suite of solutions that allows employers to care for their employees through the moments that often surround leave and disability.

The launch of Unum Care Hub responds to the evolving needs of employers within the benefits landscape, allowing them to provide their employees with access to specialized solutions from a single, user-friendly platform.

Unum Care Hub will offer resources that support mental health, caregiving, maternity, digestive health, and chronic pain. The offering is uniquely positioned to address key causes of leave and disability — with personalized, outcome-based support at critical points of the employee journey.

“We have zeroed in on key absence drivers, as well as common challenges employers experience with benefits administration,” said Swapnil Prabha, vice president, Digital Offerings. “As a result, we have built a solution that not only provides proactive support all in one place but can be uniquely integrated into our leave and disability services, providing easy, timely access to relevant benefits for employees during the moments that matter.” 

Introducing Unum Care Hub

With flexible, digital, evidence-based solutions and live, licensed-expert support, Unum Care Hub offers access to curated services that provide specialized care through best-in-class partners that drive measurable impact on workforce wellbeing. Among the partners Unum Care Hub leverages are Meru Health, through our Unum Behavioral Health solution, that provides access to clinically validated mental health support and Cariloop, that supports the complexities of caregiving through a combination of expert care coaches, digital tools and access to an integrated care provider network.

Studies show employees want to be supported by their employers and are 7.4 times more likely to want to stay long-term if they feel their employers care about them. Offerings within benefits packages are often underutilized by employees due to lack of understanding and awareness. Unum Care Hub addresses these pain points with proactive engagement tactics and a connected employee experience that creates easy access to a collection of rich solutions that reduce administrative burden and drives utilization rates.

Unum Care Hub leverages additional strategic partnerships as a part of this offering, including Iona Mind, Manatee, Every Mother, Pumpspotting, Ianacare, Joshin, FIG, and Managing Life. Unum Care Hub is part of Unum’s broader portfolio of employer solutions for leave and care. Visit Care Hub on Unum.com to learn more.