Recruitment Fraud Info

As you consider joining the Cariloop team, we’d like to share some guidance and insight around what to expect as an applicant. At Cariloop, our integrity is a value we hold to the highest standard. As you embark on your journey with us as a candidate, we’d like to discuss the potential dangers job seekers may face, primarily concerning recruitment fraud schemes. Recruitment fraud schemes have become more common over time and it’s important to be familiar with our recruitment process should our company ever be misrepresented by a fraudulent party.

What is a recruitment fraud scheme?

A recruitment fraud scheme is an online recruiting scam in which the scammer fraudulently uses a company’s name and logo, in addition to the names of the company’s team members, to obtain sensitive information from job seekers, including, but not limited to, social security numbers and bank account or credit card information. These schemes are often elaborate, conducting fake interviews and providing false documentation in an effort to exploit the security and privacy of job seekers.

What we do at Cariloop:

If you are approached about an opportunity to join Cariloop, please keep in mind the following points:

At Cariloop, we believe in the importance and value of truly caring for and uplifting each other. As a potential applicant, we’d like to extend the same support to you as you navigate Cariloop career opportunities. We believe providing the information above is in the best interest of all those who interact with Cariloop. Our people are our top priority and each relationship we’ve made and have yet to make is incredibly meaningful to us.We hope this overview was helpful and we wish you the very best in your career search. Moving forward, should you suspect you are being impacted by a Cariloop recruitment fraud scheme, please contact our People team directly at