In every sense of the phrase, Cariloop strives to be a Value-Centric Organization.
Our values aren’t just nice words we hang on a wall somewhere. They’re central to each decision we make as a company.
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Our Core Values
Their strength lies in how they work together and how they’re represented by each member of our team.
We care deeply about the support we provide and meet everyone we work with where they are.
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We seek first to understand before being understood and are mindful of the moments we create for others.
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We believe being right is much less important than doing right as we use technology to enhance human relationships.
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We recognize the fragile moments people trust us with and support them with honesty, transparency and clarity.
How does value-centricity inform the work we’re doing?
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We’ve structured our organizational model around our core values.

Traditional org charts depicting top-down power structures and siloed teams didn’t capture the transparency and connectedness we want everyone on our team to value. So, we created a new model that captures the centricity of our values and emphasizes the importance of collaboration across our entire organization. We call it our Value-Centric Organizational (VCO) Model.

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We’re a Certified B Corporation and Public Benefit Corporation

Our status as a B Corp and PBC is central to our vision of creating the global standard for how we care for each other.

As a Certified B Corporation we believe:

We must be the change we seek in the world.Our business practices must reflect that people and place matter.We should aspire to do no harm and benefit all.We’re responsible for each other and future generations.

As a PBC, committing our company to higher standards of purpose, accountability and transparency deeply resonates with us. These commitments are written into the DNA of Cariloop’s legal framework as our statement of public benefit.

Our statement of public benefit:
To create a seamless blend of digital and human-centered products, services and experiences that transform the way people care for one another. As the Corporation grows its membership base each year and supports more families across domestic and global communities, the Corporation will then re-invest a portion of its collective time, financial resources, and services into those communities to create a material positive impact on society as a whole.
In our work to transform how we care for each other, we’re extremely proud to be pursuing these commitments as a company.
We see the world in Technicolor.
There’s a lot to learn from the early 20th century film practice of exposing red, green and blue images to their opposite colors in order to see the image in full color, also known as technicolor. We love the concept so much that Technicolor now represents our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and captures our team’s philosophies, principles and commitment to seeing people for who they are and being a safe and supportive environment for everyone.
We work daily to encourage everyone—our team, our families, our members, our customers, our partners, our shareholders, our board, our advisors, our friends and our followers—to join us in embracing one another for what we each stand for, what we’re passionate about, and the core values we hold dear. In essence, to see the world, and each other, in Technicolor.
Our core values are built on the foundation of our why, our mission and our vision, and they are what fuel our just cause.