Take care of your loved ones with confidence and peace of mind.

When navigating care has you worried and overwhelmed, our Care Coaches will help you confidently chart the path ahead.
We know the time you have with your loved ones is precious. When their care and well-being is on the line, you shouldn’t have to spend hours googling your way through it alone.
Any time something comes up, we want you to know we’re here to walk with you through it. That’s why working with Cariloop goes like this:
Meet your dedicated Care Coach
As soon as you sign up, we immediately pair you with an experienced Care Coach who supports you every step of the way.
licenced illustrations
licenced illustrations
Access your Case on our Care Portal
We set you up with a secure portal where you’ll work with your Care Coach, store important documents, and invite loved ones in to collaborate around your loved one’s care.
Chart the path forward with your Care Coach
Any time a new question arises, rest assured your Care Coach is experienced and incredibly responsive as you navigate what to do next for your loved one.
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No question is too small. Our diverse Care Coaching team has your back in any caregiving situation. Here are some of the many caregiving topics we help with:
Care Management
Community Resources
Difficult Conversations with a Loved One
Domestic Violence
End of Life Planning
Financial Assistance
Hospitalization/Discharge Planning
LGBTQ+ Support
Living Situation/Lifestyle
Mental and Emotional Health
Physical Health
Pregnancy/Postpartum Resources
*Additional costs apply for Cariloop’s education support offering
Just a few of the backgrounds of our experienced Care Coaches
Meet Our Care Coaches
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Working with my Care Coach has had a huge positive impact on me. Juggling moving to a new state for a new position and taking my father with me, I didn't know where to turn to find the proper care team for him. My Care Coach helped me find a primary care physician, dementia specialist and lawyer for my father. My Coach not only helped to find great resources in my area, but called to vet them and confirm they would take our insurance. Heather